Oakfield-Alabama Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents
Section 1.0 Executive Summary

Section 2.0 Introduction
Section 3.0 Goals and Objectives
Section 4 – Existing Conditions
Section 5.0 Findings and Recommendations
Section 6.0 Implementation
Section 7.0 Environmental Review
Section 8.0 Annual Review
Section 9.0 Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement

Public Meeting Minutes
Public Survey Results

The preparation of the Oakfield Alabama Comprehensive Plan for the Towns of Oakfield and Alabama and the Village of Oakfield was made possible through the efforts of:

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committe
Michael Warboys, Chairman, Town of Oakfield Planning Board
Scott Fisher, Councilman, Town of Oakfield
James Veazey, Councilman, Town of Oakfield
Karen Morris, Town of Oakfield Planning Board
Ronald Pritchett, Former Supervisor, Town of Alabama
Joseph Cassidy, Councilman, Town of Alabama
Guy Hinkson, Supervisor, Town of Alabama
Jeff Covel, Town of Alabama Planning Board
Raymond F. Cianfrini, Mayor, Village of Oakfield
Sam Beckley, Trustee, Village of Oakfield
Michael Dilcher, Village of Oakfield Planning Board

Other Contributors
Kenneth Dodd, Supervisor, Town of Oakfield
James DuVal, Director, Genesee County Department of Planning
Matthew Balling, Senior Planner, Genesee County Department of Planning
Earl LaGrou III, District No. 1, Genesee County Legislature
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Genesee County Soil & Water Conservation District

Project Consultant
Wendy E. Weber Salvati, AICP, Wendel Duchscherer
Andrew C. Reilly, P.E., AICP, Wendel Duchscherer

And the Citizens of the Towns of Oakfield and Alabama
and the Village of Oakfield.