Youth Recreation

  • The Youth Recreation Commission
    • Paul Osborn, Chairman
    • Roxanne Munger
    • Joel D'Alba
    • Dan Manges
    • Julie Colantonio
    • Tracy Denny
    • Melissa Domoy
    Meeting Minutes
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  • Town of Oakfield Summer Recreation Program

    The Summer Recreation Program is for any area youth between the ages of 5 and 12

    Youth Recreation uses the “Remind” app just like school!  Please text, “81010” wit the message “@parkrecr” and parents or caregivers will receive texts from the Youth Recreation Director.

    Summer Recreation Registration Form

    Questions?  Contact Riley D’Alba at or (585) 815-9152

    Throughout the five-week program, there are various field trips that we will be taking.  Permission slips are to be filled out online.  The money is to be turned into Riley D’Alba, OA Summer Recreation Program Coordinator.  Permission slips are due the week before the field trip and only the online forms will be accepted.  No late payments or registrations accepted.  The Waiver for the Field Trip to Altitude is a hard copy, please sign and return with payment & you MUST complete the online registration for this field trip, as well.  Due to the limited seating on the bus, there are only so many children who can attend the trips, so it will run on a first come, first serve basis.  It is important  to turn in your permission slips and money ASAP.  Every Park Rec Counselor will be attending these field trips, the  Park will be closed that day.

    Any child who is not registered for the program and/or did not complete the online permission slip will not be allowed on the bus.  HAND WRITTEN PERMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    Park Recreation begins at 9 am every morning and ends at 4 pm every afternoon.  Children can come to the park at any time, however, they must enter through the small parking lot on Drake Street AND they must be signed in by a parent/guardian.  When your child leaves the park, he or she must exit through the same parking lot and be signed out in the same fashion.  Children that walk or ride their bike must follow the same procedure, except they may have a note from a parent/guardian allowing them to do so which will take the place of a parent/guardian signature.  Because your child’s safety is our number one policy, we ask that you adhere to this strict policy.

    Lunch will held daily from 12-1 pm.  This year the food stand will not be open for the summer, but we will be receiving free lunches from the school as an alternate option for lunch.  Children should either be sent to the park with a lunch, or they should ask to receive a lunch at that time.  Children that wish to leave the park for lunch, must again have a signed note to do so, and they must sign out of the park.

    The Park will be open every day that is on the calendar.  In the event of a severe thunderstorm, we will try our best to find an alternate location for the day.   These options may include the Community Center of the Town Building, the Gymnasium at the School, or the Haxton Memorial Library.  When such a decision is made you will be contacted by a Park Rec Counselor.

    Some counselors will be taking the kids to the Haxton Memorial Library on Tuesdays & Thursdays for a movie, and to participate in the Summer Reading Program.  During these visits, your child may check out a book, if they have a library card, but they are responsible for returning the book on-time.


    Riley D’Alba
    “Hi! My name is Riley D’Alba, and I am the Park Director this year.  I just finished my first year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges!  My favorite thing to do is meet new people, so I hope to see you at Park Rec this summer and learn all of your names and faces!  I cannot wait for our Water War this year because I am seeking revenge from last year, in the form of water balloons!”

    Lakin Woodward
    “Hi, my name is Lakin Woodward.  I just graduated from Oakfield-Alabama High School, and plan to attend St. John Fisher to major in Business next fall, while playing soccer.  My favorite thing to do is craft because I love art!  I am looking forward to meeing everyone at Park Rec this year!!”

    Trevor Maier
    “Hi, my name is Trevor Maier and I am going into my senior year at OACS!  I love playing the saxophone and my favorite board game is Monopoly!!  I can’t wait for Park Rec to start!”

    Matt Gilbert
    “Hi, may name is Matt Gilbert, and I’m going into my senior year at Oakfield-Alabama.  I love playing baseball.  I’ve very excited for a great year at Park Rec!”

    Tayvon Boyd
    “Hi, my name is Tayvon Boyd, and I just graduated from Oakfield-Alabama High School.  I plan to attend Genesee Community College in the fall.  My favorite thing to do is to  play any type of sport, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone in the park this summer!”

    Joey Burdick
    “Hi, my name is Joey Burdick, and I am going into my senior year at Oakfield-Alabama Central School.  I like to play basketball, and I am very excited to get to know everyone this summer!!”

    John Igoe, Jr.
    “Hi, my name is John Igoe, Jr., and I just graduated from Oakfield-Alabama Central School, and I plan to attend Clarkson University next fall.  My favorite thing to do is hike and kayak in the Adirondacks with my family.  I am really looking forward to having an awesome summer with everyone at park rec!!!”