ATTENTION OAKFIELD RESIDENTS: We NOW offer a Drop Off Box - If you cannot make it to our office during regular business hours - It is located in the front of our building with drive-thru availability.....Please put the RED flag up as a notification to us that there is mail.

Town of Oakfield

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Next Town Board Meeting April 14th at 7:00pm.


Over the past year, the Village and Town have been participating in a project called Green Genesee Smart Genesee (GGSG).

Green Genesee Smart Genesee is a science-based/community-led sustainable land use planning project (Green Genesee) that can be used as a tool for strengthening comprehensive planning and land use regulations (Smart Genesee) in Genesee County. The purpose of this project is to secure a resilient natural environment, a vibrant economy and a high quality of life for our children today and their children tomorrow.

One of the responsibilities, as a participant of the group, is to make the public aware of the comprehensive planning to achieve sustainable growth for our communities.

The Genesee County Planning Board will be presenting information about GGSG on April 8th at 7PM at the Village Office. All are welcome to attend.

Click on the link for more information - Green Genesee/Smart Genesee


Water District 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7,
and Townline Water Project.
Updates and Construction Time Tables

The Townline Water Project website has been updated to include Frequently Asked Questions.


WATER DISTRICT 4 -In the month of February this district should be 50% complete.

WATER DISTRICT 5 -Will start construction in conjunction with Water District 4.

WATER DISTRICT 6 -To begin construction on the tentative date of February 16th.

WATER DISTRICT 7 -Full application to Rural Development as soon as 51% of wells can be tested for grant funds.


Town of Oakfield 2014 Final Assessment Roll

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Town Description

Centrally located between Buffalo and Rochester, Oakfield’s setting in that of a relaxed, rural environment boasts a population of 3,250 (2010 census) residents in the Town, 1,813 residents in the Village. A close knit community, Oakfield is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Oakfield residents enjoy local events such as; Little League in the Spring and various Youth Sports. In the fall, Labor Days, the Annual Halloween Party and Christmas in Oakfield/Majestic Lights. Just to name a few.

Oakfield residents are only a short drive from cultural events, shopping and beautiful scenic areas including Niagara Falls and Letchworth State Park.

Closer to home, Oakfield has a wonderful school system and library, as well as several churches and community groups, which all work together to preserve “small town” America!

Oakfield is currently working on Water Districts 3-11, with WD3 in it's final funding stages. The Board is hopeful that with-in the next 7-10 years everyone in the Town will have public water.

For the outdoorsman, located only minutes outside of Oakfield, are the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area and the Tonawanda Wildlife Area, all of which constitute the Alabama Swamp Complex.

This refuge comprises 10,818 acres and is managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in Genesee and Orleans Counties. The refuge has several large pools (some separated by dikes), swamps, meadows, fields, and woodlands. Some areas are closed to protect the introduction of the bald eagle or to preserve wildlife. This is an amazing attraction, practically in a resident’s backyard, to take in nature at its tranquil best. Hunting, fishing and trapping, when in season are permitted.

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