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Cary Cemetery – 21 Albert Street, Oakfield NY 14125
Reed Cemetery – 2635 Judge Road, Oakfield NY 14125
East Oakfield Cemetery – 3560 Lockport Road, Oakfield NY 14125

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For Both Cary or Reed Cemeteries.

These Links Will Show You Plot Owners and Who Is Buried in Each Plot.
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Cary Cemetery Burial
Cary Cemetery Map

Reed Cemetery Burial
Reed Cemetery Map

Owners for Reed and Cary Cemeteries


The following rules and Regulations are hereby adopted and approved by the Oakfield Town Board on January 14, 2020 and put into effect for the mutual benefit and protection of each and every lot, plot, and grave owner in the above names cemeteries.

Rule #1: GENERAL
1. All affairs of the Oakfield Town cemeteries are managed and governed by the Oakfield Town Board in furtherance of Article 17 of the NYS Town Law.

2. All lots sold in accordance with the provisions of the laws of New York State shall not be used for any other purpose than a burial place for dead human beings.

3. The Town Board shall fix the prices of burial lots and no person shall take possession of such lot, nor make any encroachments thereon until the price of such lot has been paid for in full.

4. The Superintendent of Cemeteries for the Town of Oakfield will act as the caretaker of all town cemeteries.

5. The Superintendent shall report to the Town Board any acts of vandalism or encroachments. The caretaker shall supervise any improvements made to any lot by lot owners that are approved by the Town Board.

6. No interment shall be allowed without a state approved burial permit.

7. No more than casket burial or two cremations are allowed in a single lot. One cremation on the top of one casket burial is also permissible when previously approved by the Town Board.

8. Lot owners are prohibited from allowing interments to be made on their lots for compensation.

9. No lot owner may transfer his or lot without permission of the Town Board.

10. No trees, hedges, shrubs or walls will be allowed. No glass of any kind allowed except religious. All others will be removed. All flowers and urns must be no more than 14 inches from monument or markers.

11. The Oakfield Town Board reserves the right to authorize the following:
a. Remove all flowers, wreaths, or other decorations from lots as soon as they become unsightly; but no later than October 15 of each year.
b. Move any existing tree or shrub that covers any stone marker or any upkeep growth that is not maintained. The only items allowed on each plot other than the headstone are two (2) urns, crocks, or flower pots, which should be placed at either end of the headstone if space permits.
c. Urns or crocks should be planted by June 15th or they may be removed.
d. Artificial flowers and other decorations are permitted for a single season. If they become unsightly or weather-worn they may be removed.
e. Any Christmas or winter decorations should be removed by March 15th or they may be removed.
f. The Town shall have the authority to prune, remove, or transplant any existing tree, shrub, or planting that they deem fit.
g. Placing of glass blocks or vases such as receptacles for flowers, either artificial or grown on graves or plats is prohibited.
h. All foundations, placement of stones and grave markers and other work shall be constructed as approved and directed by the Oakfield Town Board.
i. Cemeteries will be open dawn to dusk.

12. Graves are open throughout the year; see fee schedule.

13. Concrete vaults or concrete grave liners will be required for all interments in graves located in Town cemeteries.

14. The interment of cremated remains will be permitted only in appropriate rigid receptacles such as wood, metal, plastic, or concrete.

15. The Oakfield Town Board shall fix prices for grave openings along with any other charges for proper maintenance of Town cemeteries as they deem fit.

16. These rules and regulations may be amended and/or added to by majority vote and appropriate resolution of the Oakfield Town Board.

17. Constructions of mausoleums are not allowed in Town cemeteries.

18. Construction of individual lot/plot fences are not allowed in town cemeteries.

19. Heavy trucking or vehicular traffic shall be refused entrance to the cemetery, when in the opinion of the designee or caretaker, will cause injury to the roads or driveways.

1. The official records of all lot owners shall be maintained by the Superintendent in coordination with the Town of Oakfield’s Clerk’s office. Such registration shall be the final governing record in determination of lot ownership.

1. The Town of Oakfield reserves to itself and to those lawfully within the cemetery a perpetual right of ingress and egress over all graves and lots for the passage to and from other graves and lots.

1. No interment shall be made on Sunday OR holidays, except in cases of special necessity, religious reasons, or contagious diseases, in which case special fees can be charged.

2. The Town of Oakfield reserves the right to insist upon two working days’ notice prior to any cremations or interment.

3. No disinterment shall be made except by the Town of Oakfield employees or approved special contractor by a written request of the lot owner. A body or cremated remains may be removed from its original plot to a larger or more desirable plot when there has been an exchange or purchase for that purpose and when all the legal representatives of the deceased consent. The Town of Oakfield reserves the right to perform any removal or disinterment at its convenience or as directed by Court Order.

1. Once a casket containing a body is within the confines of the cemetery, no funeral director, his assistant, employee or agent, or any other member of the deceased’s family shall be permitted to open the casket or touch the body without the consent of the legal representative of the deceased, or without a court order.

1. WALKS. Persons within the cemetery shall use the walks and roadways, and only where absolutely necessary for ingress and egress, shall they cross other lots, plots or burial spaces.

2. TRESPASSING. Lots, plots and grave spaces are for the right of internment of the owners of such lots, plots and grave spaces, and only the owners, heirs and representatives of the persons interred therein shall be permitted on said lots, plots or grave spaces are necessary. Violators of this rule shall be considered as trespassers.

3. CHILDREN. Children under 15 years of age shall not be permitted within the cemetery unless accompanied by adult persons who are responsible for their care and conduct.

4. FLOWERS. All persons are prohibited from gathering flowers, either wild or cultivated, anywhere within the cemetery and from individual graves.

5. FIREARMS AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. No firearms or intoxicating beverages or liquors shall be permitted upon the lots or within the Town of Oakfield cemeteries at any time except in the case of firearms for the purpose of a military funeral or historic honors under proper command.

6. DOGS. Dogs shall not be permitted in the cemetery or in any cemetery building unless on a leash and the handler must clean up after the animal.

7. ADVERTISING. No signs (private or political) or notices or advertisements of any kind shall be allowed in the cemetery or on premise owned by the Town of Oakfield.

8. SOLICITING. Peddling of flowers or plants, or soliciting the sale of any commodity is positively prohibited with the confines of the cemetery.

9. REFRESHMENTS. Neither the bringing of, the sale of, or the use of refreshments upon the cemetery premises shall be permitted.

10. MOTOR VEHICLES. No motorized vehicle shall be driven through the roadways of the cemetery at a greater speed than 5 miles per hour.

11. RUBBISH. The throwing or disbursement of garbage or rubbish of any kind is prohibited in the town cemeteries.

Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship. The Town of Oakfield reserves the right in such cases, to make exceptions, suspension, or modification. Any such temporary exception, suspension or modification shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of the rule.

The Town of Oakfield may reserve the right at any time to amend, alter, or repeal any rule or regulation for Cemeteries in the Town of Oakfield. This right to change or amend any part or all of the above rules and regulations for the Town cemeteries can be made without prior notice to the lot owners.

Questions relative to the Town of Oakfield’s Cemeteries Rules and Regulations can be addressed to the Superintendent of Cemeteries and/or the Oakfield Town Board.

Effective 12/1/2018, by RESOLUTION of the Oakfield Town Board on 10/9/2018
Grave Plots – $600
Grave Openings – $650 – April 1st-November 30th
Grave Openings – $800 – December 1st-March 31st
Infant Openings up to 30″ long – $350 – April 1st-November 30th
Infant Openings up to 30″ long – $400 – December 1st-March 31st
Cremation Openings – $350 – April 1st-November 30th
Cremation Openings – $400 – December 1st-March 31st
**Saturday/Sunday Additional $100 for both Cremation & Full Grave Opening all year**
Vault Storage – $150
Headstone Foundations – Minimum Charge – $250 – Over 420 sq/in – $.60/

Prices subject to change, please contact Mike Schultz at 585-356-4130